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NEW ZX190W-6


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3,790 lb. - 14,425 lb.
26,454 lb. - 48,238 lb.
53,024 lb. - 188,716 lb.
17,377 lb. - 56,167 lb.
44,000 lb. - 45,300 lb.
246,917 lb. - 1,818,814 lb.
70 tons - 326 tons
164 hp - 271 hp
Product Articles & Stories
New ZX245USLC-6 leaving its mark on Florida turnpike
June 13, 2018
New ZX245USLC-6 leaving its mark on Florida turnpike
Zahlene Enterprises, a civil contractor and aggregate recycler based in Miami, recently took delivery of a new Hitachi ZX245USLC-6. The reduced-tail-swing excavator is being used for drainage work on Miami’s Ronald Regan Turnpike.
Technical Training With Hitachi
March 1, 2018
Technical Training With Hitachi
When you choose Hitachi, you get more than just efficient, reliable and durable equipment. Hitachi Mining Division's technical training team is dedicated to optimizing the performance of your Hitachi fleet through sharing technical knowledge, offering training courses, making site visits and more.