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Hitachi Construction Machinery - North America

Boosting Production Through Operational Efficiencies

July 23, 2018

At Hitachi, our Mining Applications Group is dedicated to maximizing the efficiency, reliability and durability of your fleet. This team supports you with technical knowledge, job site visits and more to optimize your operation.

Last summer, the Applications Group performed an operational efficiency study for a customer in South America. The purpose of the study was to identify areas for operational improvement due to the low production rate the customer was receiving from the shovel/excavator and truck operation.


The proper loading and hauling tool setup along with operator effectiveness is critical to the performance of Hitachi machines. In this study, the Applications Group found that there were areas where the customer could improve efficiency, which could lead to an increase in production.

There are a few reasons why mines may not be achieving optimum efficiency:

  • New operators
  • Unique application challenges
  • Hitachi machines operate differently than the competition


For this customer, the Applications Group identified opportunities to improve operational efficiencies and increase production for the shovels and excavators.

The Applications Group made several suggestions for improvement, such as:

  • Truck positioning and shovel movement on the digging face
  • A consistent excavator dig pattern
  • An improved excavator bench height


The Applications Group then followed up on its initial visit a few months later. The feedback from the customer was positive, with mine production increasing to a record level – an increase of 30 percent in production the month after the performance study. This customer was thrilled with the results and requested that the Applications Group return for future studies.

If you’re interested in a performance study, contact your local Hitachi dealer for more information.