Hitachi Construction Machinery - North America
Dresser Trap Rock Inc. using EX1200-6 shovel to mine one of the world’s hardest rock
October 7, 2013


A Hitachi EX1200-6 LD is helping Dresser Trap Rock Inc. mine one of the world’s hardest and most indestructible rocks.

The 99-year-old quarry, based in Dresser, Wisconsin, accepted delivery of the EX1200-6 in Sept. 2012 and has been since using it to clear trap rock blasted off the quarry walls.

The quality of trap rock – or altered basalt – varies in the same manner as other mineral deposits, and the Dresser Trap Rock deposit remains the hardest concentration of this basalt-type rock in America. The rock is so hard, that Dresser Trap Rock boulders were utilized by NASA for testing drills employed on the moon probe.

Today, Dresser Trap Rock is consumed extensively in bituminous and concrete applications, erosion control, ice control, road construction, landscaping and ballast for many railroads throughout the Midwest.