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EH1100-5 joins Thompson Contractors’ dependable fleet
February 12, 2016

Hitachi EH1100-5 haul truck

Established in the 1940s, Thompson Contractors knows a thing or two about choosing the most productive and reliable equipment for its quarries. And an EH1100-5 truck is the company’s newest addition to its hardworking fleet.

Thompson Contractors, a privately-owned company, operates two granite rock quarries: Miller Creek Quarry, located near Rutherfordton, N.C.; and Mill Spring Quarry, located near Mill Spring, N.C. The quarries supply all sizes of gravel for highway and private jobs.

Operations manager Danny Seay has been with the company for more than 40 years and made the company’s first Hitachi equipment purchase.

“We use hydraulic shovels to load and were in need of a larger machine in the early ’90s,” he said. “I did my research and purchased an EX1100 based on our need for dependability and higher production. We are still running this machine today at our smaller site. Since I was so pleased with the EX1100, we purchased an EX1200-5C for our larger location.”

Over the years, Thompson Contractors’ fleet has become a balanced mix of shovels, smaller excavators and haul trucks. In November 2015, the company purchased an EH1100-5, which is loaded by the EX1200-5C and hauls granite shot rock to the primary crusher. And the EH1100-5 is working as an upgraded truck alongside the company’s existing EH1100-3.

“The EH1100-3 has been very dependable with virtually no downtime,” Seay said. “The EH1100-5 is stronger, and service and operator conveniences are superb. It’s a very nice truck with much better safety features, like stairs instead of a ladder.”

While Seay enjoys the different challenges his work offers every day, he also appreciates equipment he can count on.

“Dependability, service and production makes my choice to purchase Hitachi over other brands easy,” he said. “I have never been around machines more dependable than Hitachi mining equipment.”

Thompson Contractors Inc. is serviced by James River Equipment, Asheville, N.C.