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Hitachi Construction Machinery - North America

The first EX1200-7 in North America calls Arizona home

May 7, 2019

A new Hitachi EX1200-7, the first of its kind to be delivered to North America, has been busy digging for Rango Inc. in Tempe, Arizona, and surrounding areas.

Rango Inc. has specialized in aggregate mining for over a decade. After owning and operating several EX1200-5 and EX1200-6 excavators, company management jumped at the opportunity to purchase the new EX1200-7.

“We’ve had Dash-5 models all the way up to this new Dash-7 model,” said Dan McQuade, CEO of Rango Inc. “Hitachi is our choice as the best excavator on the market. They have extremely high cycle times in production and are very versatile whether it’s hard digging or soft digging.”

McQuade said the quick cycle times, breakout power and hydraulics make a positive difference for Rango’s bottom line.

“Everything in the design makes it the best machine it can be,” McQuade said. “That’s why we’ve stayed with that line and that size, and why we brought on this new Dash-7.”

Rango Inc. is serviced by Arnold Machinery, Phoenix, Arizona.