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Hitachi Construction Machinery - North America

Fully integrated. Profitable precision.

December 15, 2019

ZX210LC-6 with grade guidance

Take efficiency to another level with Hitachi Solution Linkage Integrated Grade Guidance with Topcon. Leveraging the latest components and technologies, Grade Guidance is a “one-stop shop” solution supported by our reliable dealer network.

Whether you’re trenching, shaping ditches or slopes, or digging foundations, Grade Guidance will help you complete your precision excavation more efficiently. Real-time display of distance-to-grade reduces time to final grade, helping you finish jobs quickly. Installed and calibrated at the factory, the Grade Guidance system arrives on your job site ready to work.

With Grade Guidance, you get integrated efficiency.

  • Real-time grade indicator allows you to manage the grade without leaving the cab. It also reduces the need for a grade checker or grade stakes.

  • Complete integration with the conveniently placed joysticks enables easy fingertip control.

  • Integration into the machine’s cab and structures helps shield key components such as wire harnesses and sensors from damage.

  • System data can be sent to ZXLink™ for analysis. ZXLink’s machine monitoring and health alerts help keep you up and running.

  • Choose 2D Grade Guidance with the optional laser receiver to display the elevation of the cutting edge in relation to a reference plane. Or, opt for 3D Grade Guidance with Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) to display position and elevation with respect to a global reference.

  • A Grade Guidance-ready option that includes sensor mounting brackets is also available to enable installation of a Trimble, Topcon or Leica aftermarket kit.

Contact your local Hitachi dealer to find out how Grade Guidance can benefit your operation.