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Hawaiian Dredging Construction Company takes delivery of new ZX870LC-6
August 4, 2016

Hawaiian Dredging Construction Company, Hitachi, recent delivery


Hawaiian Dredging Construction Company (HDCC) selected a Hitachi ZX870LC-6 late last year to join its fleet of excavators.

The new production-sized excavator joined numerous other Hitachi machines in our fleet and is the company’s second largest excavator. According to David Gomez, equipment manager at HDCC, the ZX870LC-6 was chosen after much consideration and multiple inspections of other machines in its class. The ZX870LC-6 will play a pivotal role in the company’s civil construction projects.

“We currently own an eight year old 125-ton excavator and we were looking for a replacement excavator smaller than the 125 ton but larger than our 50 ton units” said Gomez. “We tested the Hitachi and a few other brands and based on what we saw, the Hitachi machine really stood out. The pricing was favorable, it had more horsepower, a longer boom arm and a greater digging force. We’ve also had really good experiences with our local Hitachi dealer in terms of servicing and parts availability.”

The machine’s size was an important factor in the purchase decision, too.

“After going through our DOT current weight requirements, we learned that we could transport the machine without taking the tracks off,” said Gomez. “This would make the machine mobile and would definitely optimize uptime equipment utilization.”

Since its delivery to Maui, the new ZX870LC-6 has been put to work on an airport access road project to load dirt into articulated dump trucks. HDCC will utilize it again later this year for the construction of a 2.7-mile bypass south of Lahaina in Maui.

HDCC is one of Hawaii’s largest contractors. It was founded in 1902 and provides complete services of preconstruction, general construction, design-build and design assist.

Hawaiian Dredging Construction Company Inc. is serviced by American Machinery in Kapolei, Hawaii.