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Hitachi Construction Machinery - North America

HERD Member Spotlight: Fourwinds Construction

February 7, 2019

Brent Nardone

Fourwinds Construction
Vice President Brent Nardone
Established in 1987
Headquartered in Vaughan, Ontario
Serviced by Wajax

Brent Nardone, vice president of Fourwinds Construction, is a self-described “loyal Hitachi customer since 1995,” which is when his father bought the company’s first Hitachi. In the 10 years Brent has been with Fourwinds Construction, the company’s Hitachi enthusiasm has only grown. With a variety of Hitachi models, Fourwinds continues to choose Hitachi to get the job done. We caught up with Brent to hear more about why he is a Hitachi fan.

What type of projects do you use your Hitachi equipment for?

“We use our Hitachi equipment for municipal road work projects as well as commercial and industrial site servicing projects. Our main area of expertise is sewer and watermain installation. We have different sizes of equipment for certain work applications, and we’ve never had any complaints from any of our employees regarding our Hitachi machines.”

How do your Hitachi machines help you in those projects?

“We’ve definitely had our share of challenging projects, but because of the wide range of equipment Hitachi offers and which we also own, we usually don’t get into a tough spot. We look at the project scope beforehand and we know which size of machine to send to the site. No matter the complexity of the project, we have a piece of Hitachi machinery that can get the job done.”

How long have you been a Hitachi fan?

“Our very first machine was a 1995 EX200LC-3, so I’ve been a fan since I first saw that machine over twenty-four years ago. Over the past twenty-four years, our company has purchased thirteen pieces of Hitachi equipment. Currently in our fleet we have a wide range of models from a EX110LC-3 to a ZX470LC-5.

“I like the distinct style, power, feel, and performance of Hitachi machines. I’ve been around Hitachi machinery since childhood, and I still get excited whenever I see Hitachi machinery.”

Why do you keep buying Hitachi machines?

“It’s the relationships my father built in the beginning. He always had a very good relationship with the Hitachi representatives, some of who have since retired still come by to see us. We feel it’s very personable, we’re not just a customer number to them.

“Then there is the actual power, speed, quality, and longevity of the equipment for the price point, which is second to none. We still use some of our original equipment, a few of which have more than 20,000 hours.”