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Hitachi EX1200-6 shovel delivered to Wake Stone Corporation
May 6, 2014


Wake Stone Corporation, a construction aggregate and agricultural products company based in Raleigh, N.C., recently purchased a new Hitachi EX1200-6 shovel to be used in one of its granite quarries.

The shovel started operating in April 2014 and is loading a fleet of 60-ton haulers at Wake Stone’s Triangle Quarry, which was opened in 1982. The quarry, located between Raleigh-Durham International Airport, Umstead State Park and Interstate 40 in Cary, N.C., features stone made of hard, meta-volcanic rock.

The new EX1200-6 replaced a Hitachi EX1100-3, which was purchased in 1998, is still in use at the quarry and is approaching 22,000 operating hours.

Wake Stone has a long history of purchasing Hitachi shovels.

“We’ve had Hitachi shovels for about 20 years,” said Bill Crook, vice president of operations at Wake Stone Corporation. “We’ve had terrific support from our dealer RW Moore Equipment Company and Hitachi itself. That goes a long way toward making us feel good about a future purchase.”

Wake Stone is one of the few quarries in the North Carolina region that uses shovels rather than front end loaders in its operation.

“We like the amount of breakout force that we are able to generate with a shovel as compared with a wheel loader,” said Crook. “Due to the geology of the rock that we’re blasting, we tend to have a very hard-to-dig area at the front of the muck pile. The shovel has the ability to go in there and get the rock dug out efficiently. That really helps us keep our production levels high.”

Wake Stone Corporation is serviced by R W Moore Equipment Company Inc. in Raleigh, N.C.

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