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Hitachi Forester fleet powers Nadina Logging past 60th year

March 28, 2017

Hitachi Foresters

Headquartered in Merritt, B.C., Nadina Logging recently celebrated its 60th anniversary. And owner Frank Etchart says Hitachi Foresters are part of the company’s formula for success.

Originally from the Basque Country, which borders Spain and France, Etchart’s uncles immigrated to Canada and started the business in the ‘50s. After working in the mining and oil industries, Etchart moved to Merritt to join the family business and began running the company in 1989.

Today Nadina Logging produces about 250,000 cubic meters a year in small-diameter wood. The company’s fleet of Hitachi Foresters is crucial to that productivity. The newest additions to the fleet, a ZX240F-3 roadbuilder and three ZX210F-3 processors in February 2017, joined an existing line-up of five ZX210F-3 processors, one ZX210F-3 log loader, two ZX240F-3 combo roadbuilders and one ZX200 roadbuilder.

Nadina Logging has used other brands of equipment in the past; however, the company switched to Hitachi after it started conducting daily fuel consumption tests in comparison to other brands of equipment in its fleet.

“We found each Hitachi machine saved us anywhere from 7 to10 liters of fuel per hour, and we work 10-hour shifts,” Etchart said. “We ended up saving about $20,000 in fuel per machine per year! We now have 13 Hitachi machines, and the savings we see every year is substantial.”

Andrew Ward, a Nadina Logging operator, has experienced additional benefits with the Hitachi equipment.

“The Hitachi cabs are comfortable and have more room,” he said. “The windows are large and when you turn towards your deck, you can see out your side window much easier. Since we’ve switched to Hitachi, the supervisor has been a lot happier because he doesn’t have to climb under the machine and get dirty all the time. I’ve never had any problems with Hitachi.”

Etchart plans on celebrating Nadina Logging’s future anniversaries with his Hitachi fleet in full force.

“Hitachi has a good name,” he said. “They are long-lasting, fuel-efficient and comfortable. We’ve found they are very reliable machines and are very economical to run. We have no reason to change. After going with Hitachi, we’re not looking back!”

Nadina Logging Ltd. is serviced by Wajax Equipment, Kamloops, B.C.