Hitachi Construction Machinery - North America
Hitachi ZX670LC-5 mines clay for Acme Brick Company
June 13, 2014


Acme Brick Company, the nation’s largest American-owned brick maker, purchased a new Hitachi ZX670LC-5 in December 2013 for its Denton, Texas, plant.

The ZX670LC-5 runs about 40-50 hours per week mining clay for brick production and loading 40-ton articulated trucks. Donnie Hannick, Acme Brick’s ZX670LC-5 operator, experiences the machine’s benefits daily.

“I like the speed. Being a bigger machine, I thought it might be slow, but the speed is great,” Hannick said. “The cab is built for the operator, and the machine has a lot of power.”

Acme Brick uses Hitachi excavators throughout its North Texas operations, which include the Denton plant and a plant in Bennett. A ZX450LC-3 with more than 16,000 hours is the Bennett plant’s reliable workhorse. Hitachi excavators at both plants dig a total of 360,000 cubic yards of clay per year, producing about 170 million bricks each year.

“There’s longevity with Hitachi excavators. They can outlast anything,” said Jim Ogg, Acme’s Denton plant manager. “We first used scrapers then switched to excavators. They’re more efficient and can layer. We run one excavator per mining operation, so it's important that our machines are durable and reliable.”

Acme Brick is a member of the Berkshire Hathaway family of companies headed by famed investor Warren Buffett, and has been mining clay from many of its sites for over half a century.

Acme Brick Company is serviced by ROMCO Equipment Co., Fort Worth, Texas