Hitachi Construction Machinery - North America
Profitable precision with Hitachi’s grade reference-ready package
August 16, 2015

grade referenceSeveral of Hitachi’s recently released Dash-6 excavators are available with a new option to take efficiency to another level. These EPA Final Tier 4 (FT4)/EU Stage IV excavators can be equipped with a grade reference-ready package straight from the factory.

We caught up with Matthew Hendry, Hitachi product consultant, for more insight on this new option.

What’s the grade reference-ready option all about?

If you choose Hitachi’s grade reference-ready option, sensor mounting brackets are welded to the boom, arm, dogbone, counterweight and main frame of your excavator at the factory. This reduces system installation time by half by eliminating your need to grind, weld and re-paint a machine. The brackets are compatible with Topcon, Trimble or Leica grade reference systems. This option is all about making it even easier for Hitachi customers to get the most out of their machines.

What are some benefits of grade reference systems?

Grade reference systems, available as 2D or 3D systems, allow operators to work faster, consistently and accurately. Depending on the model, grade reference systems can help prevent over-excavation and control material usage by guiding an operator to the correct depth and slope and determining where the bucket teeth are and should be. These systems can eliminate the need for an operator to exit the cab to check grade and the need for placing and replacing stakes. Plus, they can help you give more accurate estimates. All these benefits contribute to lower operating costs and a better bottom line.

The grade reference-ready option is available for which Hitachi machines?

Currently, this factory option is available for the ZX210-6, ZX210LC-6, ZX250LC-6, ZX300LC-6 and ZX350LC-6. If you’re interested in Hitachi’s grade reference-ready option or would like more information, talk to your local Hitachi dealer.