Hitachi Construction Machinery - North America
Sabine Mine puts EX1900-6 to work removing overburden
July 21, 2014


The North American Coal Corporation’s Sabine Mine recently started using a Hitachi EX1900-6 to assist in pre-stripping for its draglines and land reclamation.

The new EX1900-6 was commissioned in April 2014 and has been working with a fleet of 150-ton trucks to remove overburden in a pre-strip operation for two of the mine’s draglines, a Marion 8200 & Bucyrus-Erie 1570. This is the first time the mine has used a Hitachi excavator for this application.

“We decided to give the Hitachi an opportunity to see what it could do,” said Andy Hawbaker, operations manager at Sabine Mine. “So far, things have been going well. It’s a different feel than the equipment we’ve run before so it took our operators some time to get used to it. Now we’re starting to see some of the potential pay off, and we’re feeling good about it.”

In addition, Sabine will utilize the excavator for hauling re-spread material during reclamation efforts.

Sabine Mine began production near Hallsville, Texas, in 1984. It delivers approximately 4 million tons of coal per year for American Electric Power’s Pirkey Power Plant. The mine has approximately 60,000 acres of land under permit and reclaims about 400 acres of land annually.

The EX1900-6 is not the mine’s first Hitachi excavator. It also operates two ZX470KLC-5 excavators for miscellaneous work.

Sabine Mine is serviced by ROMCO Equipment Co. in Longview, Texas.