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Hitachi Construction Machinery - North America

Turning to Hitachi: ZX160LC-6

November 15, 2019

Tommy Chappell with his Hitachi ZX160LC-6

Chappell & Associates Construction LLC has been handling site development since 1992. Tommy Chappell and his brother, Lee Chappell, run the company headquartered in Newberry, South Carolina. While the brothers have owned other brands of excavators, they recently turned to Hitachi when they bought the ZX160LC-6.

“We were excited to get our first Hitachi,” Tommy said. “We’re loving it. It’s a great machine. I wanted an orange machine.”

For Chappell & Associates, Hitachi was an obvious choice considering fuel efficiency. The ZX160LC-6 features an Isuzu EPA Final Tier 4 (FT4)/EU Stage IV engine that delivers fuel-efficient and reliable performance, and its pressurized fuel system improves fuel injector operation for maximum productivity.

“It’s a good price – a very economical purchase compared to other machines,” Tommy said. “It’s easy to transport. We also get wonderful support from our dealer, Flint Equipment. The machine is very strong. We use it for a bit of everything, from loading trucks to clearing; it’s just a very versatile machine.”

Tommy’s first experience with excavators was with a Hitachi. It’s a moment he won’t soon forget, and one that influenced his recent decision to buy a Hitachi.

“Hitachi was the first excavator I ever saw running, and I was amazed at the machine's force and agility,” Tommy said. “It was pure magic watching the EX400 get put through its paces. The ZX160 is what I have now, and I love it.”

Efficiency, reliability and durability make the ZX160LC-6 a winner for Chappell and Associates.

“You go with what’s working, and it certainly works,” Tommy said.

Chappell and Associates Construction LLC is serviced by Flint Equipment.