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New ZX130-5 excavators join New Day’s fleet
October 24, 2016

Hitachi ZX130LC-6 hydraulic excavator

Two new ZX130-5 excavators joined New Day Corporation’s fleet in November 2015 and February 2016.

Headquartered in Oilville, Va., Clay Edwards and his wife Tammy run New Day Corporation, which specializes in grading, septic tanks and drainfields, road building, clearing and site work. The couple started the business in 1997, and the company name was chosen to reflect the new venture and their daily outlook.

“Every day is a new day so don’t stress over it,” Clay said with a smile.

Currently, the ZX130-5 excavators are working on a large project of 12 drainfields for a residential development on Lake Anna in Virginia.

“We do a lot of drainfields, but this is an unusual project for us,” Tammy said. “This is a longer job to complete with all of the subdivision’s drainfields, some of which have14 lines at up to 100 feet long and 80 inches deep. Drainfields are usually about 24 to 36 inches deep.”

Generally, a large portion of New Day’s work consists of quick-turn jobs. Clay said machine size and mobility is extremely important for the company.

“The 130 is the perfect fit for our application – it has the right weight, power and efficiency,” Clay said. “A lot of our jobs are day jobs, and the 130 is easy to move to sites with a skid steer on a trailer. Hitachis are also better on fuel than others.”

New Day’s Hitachi excavators are also supported by laser grade reference systems, which contribute to the company’s efficiency and productivity. Robert Nicholas, a New Day Corporation foreman, said he’s been pleased with the Hitachi excavators’ performance.

“Hitachis are comfortable, fast and good on fuel,” he said.

New Day Corporation is serviced by James River Equipment, Ashland, Va.