Hitachi Construction Machinery - North America
ZX350LC-5, ZX380LC-5 and a ZX470LC-5 join Hitachi fleet at Murray Company
September 9, 2014


Three brand new excavators are joining an existing fleet of Hitachi shovels at the Murray Company – a 101-year-old mechanical contractor based in California.

The ZX350LC-5, ZX380LC-5 and ZX470LC-5 –all delivered to Murray Company in the summer of 2014 – are primarily being used in the development of the New Tom Bradley International Terminal at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). As part of the multi-billion dollar, capital improvement modernization program underway throughout the airport, Murray Company is re-routing the utilities – a job that involves a large amount of excavating.

Once the project is complete, the three excavators will join Murray’s existing fleet, said Curtis Mellon, operations manager for Murray Company.

“We purchased our first Hitachi machines eight to nine years ago based on our evaluation of reliability, cost effectiveness and operator comfort,” said Mellon. “We purchased these three new machines as a result of our history with our existing fleet of Hitachi excavators. We’ve had real good luck from a maintenance and service standpoint. Repairs have been minimal at best, and we’ve had a great relationship with our dealer, Coastline Equipment. They are rugged and durable machines.”

Based on these experiences, Mellon and his team have become steadfast Hitachi fans.

“Here in this area, CAT is a big brand, but we think Hitachi is just as good if not better. In fact, there are probably some features that we think are superior,” Mellon said.

Murray Company is serviced by Coastline Equipment in Long Beach, Calif.