Hitachi Construction Machinery - North America
Mining Excavator & Shovel
Net Power
567 kW
760 hp
Operating Weight
112 000 kg
246,917 lb.
114 000 kg
251,327 lb.
Max Dig Reach
15.35 m
50 ft. 4 in.
11.50 m
37 ft. 9 in.
Max Dig Depth
9.38 m
30 ft. 9 in.
4.78 m
15 ft. 8 in.
More options for more work.

Just like the rest of the Hitachi excavators, the EX1200-6 (available in both front-shovel and backhoe configurations) has a rock-solid reputation. It is engineered to give you the flexibility to handle many different jobs. You get strong horsepower, an efficient engine, comfortable cab, advanced hydraulics, tough frame and powerful arm- and bucket-digging forces so you can get more work done every day.

The EX1200-6 comes standard equipped with Hitachi’s Global e-Service remote machine management system, which gives you access to each on-site machine from a PC in your office.

  • Get more uptime from the efficient Cummins EPA Tier 2 diesel engine that’s one of the most fuel-efficient engines of all, plus is very eco-friendly.
  • EX1200-6_pinsTwo grease-filled floating pins, at the boom top and at linkage, increase the sealing ability, extend pin life and reduce repair costs. Wear plates are provided on both sides of a boss at the arm top.
  • EX1200-6_travel_devicesThe travel devices are compact-designed to reduce damage for higher mobility, reducing downtime.
  • EX1200-6_track_frameThe center track frame of integral cast steel structure can avoid stress concentration and increase reliability.
  • EX1200-6_track-linksTrack links are enlarged to increase strength for higher durability and reliability especially on rugged ground.
  • You get rock-solid durability from a rigid box frame that resists bending and twisting forces, and provides great strength and balance to handle heavy digging and loading jobs.
  • The EX1200-6 provides you with an upgraded, more brawny undercarriage. The larger diameter swing bearing provides increased reliability and durability, plus improved stability.
  • Both standard and BE booms have thicker plate steel. The buckets are stronger and larger, and the refined mechanisms produce increased lift capacity and durability.
  • You can get optional full-length track guards that protect the tracks against rocks and other objects. In addition, wider track shoes and a longer undercarriage frame are available to improve flotation in soft conditions.


  • You get flexible boom/swing modes. The boom- or swing-priority mode can be selected for higher production.
  • EX1200-6_swing_angleWhen swing angle is small in a cycle of digging, swinging and dumping, boom raise speed increases to reduce a cycle time. When swing angle is large in a cycle of digging, swinging and dumping, swing speed increases to reduce a cycle time.
  • EX1200-6_Boom-recirculationThe boom recirculation system efficiently recirculates oil in the boom circuit when the boom lowers, delivering more pressurized oil to the arm to increase arm-lowering speed
  • EX1200-6_oil_coolerThe oil cooler is separated from the radiator to effectively cool down hydraulic oil. This helps extend the service life of hydraulics.
  • EX1200-6_lcd_monitorThe color LCD monitor displays operating and machine-event information, which adds to productivity and helps lower downtime with better, on-time maintenance.
  • EX1200-6_leverThe short-throw pilot control levers provide extremely precise and smooth boom and bucket control, requiring less effort and movement.
  • EX1200-6_lcd_monitorThe multi-function, multi-language LCD monitor is easy to read and provides key data about the excavator. The Global e- Service mining system uses a data logging unit to record daily operating conditions and warnings. The monitor can be preset to indicate replacement intervals for engine oil, hydraulic oil and filters.
  • EX1200-6_rearview_cameraThe standard remote rearview monitoring camera gives the operator wider vision of the work area and eliminates almost all blind spots.
  • EX1200-6_seatThe heated, multi-position, air-suspension seat travels 266 mm (10.5 inches), together or independently of the control console, allowing operators to customize their working environment.
  • EX1200-6_sturdy_cabThe sturdy cab protects operators from falling objects. The cab’s top guard conforms to OPG Level II (ISO) specifications. The entire cab sits on a package of fluid-filled elastic mounts that reduce vibrations and deliver a more comfortable ride.
  • An optional slide ladder gives the operator even easier access to the cab and working platform.
  • EX1200-6_oil_coolerThe radiator and oil cooler are arranged side by side to increase cooling efficiency. This also reduces cleaning time and effort.
  • EX1200-6_auto_dust_ejectorThe auto dust ejector automatically ejects airborne dust and particles to keep filter elements clean and extend their replacement intervals.
  • EX1200-6_AC_FilterAn air conditioner filter is located next to the cab door behind the operator seat for easy cleaning and replacing.
  • EX1200-6_electric_grease_gunAn electric grease gun (pail can type) is provided standard with a hose reel for convenient lubrication of the swing circle and bucket pin.
  • EX1200-6_Auto_lube_systemThe auto lubrication system is provided standard at the front attachment to simplify daily maintenance, except for the bucket pin and swing circle.
  • EX12006_Delivery_FiltersDelivery filters, newly added to the delivery side of hydraulic pumps, effectively protect hydraulic lines from accidents.
  • With Global e-Service, an online machine management system, you can access each on-site machine from a PC in your office. You can get its operating information and location to increase productivity. Operating data and log are sent to a Hitachi server for processing, and then to customer and dealers. This system is available 24/7/365.
Emission Rating
Tier 2
Number Of Cylinders - Per Engine
23.15 ltr
1413 Inches³
Rated Speed
1800 rpm
Engine Output Per Engine- Net
552 kW
740 hp
Carrier Rollers - Each Side
Track Rollers - Each Side
Track Shoe Width
700 mm
28 inches
Transport Length
15970 mm
52 ft 5 in ft/in
Transport Height - Maximum
6860 mm
22 ft 6 in ft/in
Overall Width
5380 mm
17 ft 8 in ft/in
Track Length On Ground
5090 mm
16 ft 8 in ft/in
Undercarriage Overall Length
6500 mm
21 ft 4 in ft/in
Tailswing Radius
4850 mm
15 ft 11 in ft/in
Ground Clearance
1020 mm
40 inches
Width over standard tracks
4600 mm
15 ft 1 in ft/in
Track Gauge
3900 mm
12 ft 10 in ft/in
Dig height (mono)
13460 mm
44 ft 2 in ft/in
Dump Height (Mono)
9080 mm
29 ft 10 in ft/in
Max Digging Reach (Mono)
15350 mm
50 ft 4 in ft/in
Ground level reach (mono)
15010 mm
49 ft 3 in ft/in
Dig depth - 2.44m / 8'ft flat bottom
9260 mm
30 ft 4 in ft/in
Dig depth (mono)
9380 mm
30 ft 9 in ft/in
Fuel Tank
1470 ltr
388.3 gallons (US)
Hydraulic Tank
610 ltr
161.1 gallons (US)
Ground Bearing Pressure
142 kPa
20.6 PSI
Dipper Tearout
430 kN
96668 lbf
Weight - Maximum
111500 kg
245815 lbs
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