Hitachi Construction Machinery - North America
Mining Excavator & Shovel
Net Power
2 x 1119 kW
2 x 1,500 hp
Operating Weight
537 000 kg
1,183,882 lb.
533 000 kg
1,175,064 lb.
Max Dig Reach
20.2 m
66 ft. 3 in.
17 m
55 ft. 9 in.
Max Dig Depth
8.8 m
28 ft. 11 in.
4.8 m
15 ft. 9 in.
Smooth efficiency on the toughest jobs

The EX5600-6 is a world-class mining excavator that will help you get more work done day after day. This powerful machine combines proven designs with the newest technological advances to provide you with efficiency, reliability and durability for all kinds of jobs.You get strong horsepower, an efficient engine, a comfortable cab, advanced hydraulics, tough frames, powerful arm and bucket-digging forces and more. It’s available in backhoe and front-shovel configuration, and you can choose between a diesel engine or electric motor.*

The EX5600-6 comes standard equipped with Hitachi’s Global e-Service remote machine management system, which gives you access to each on-site machine from a PC in your office.

*Also available in the U.S. and Latin America as an electric drive shovel. Download Features and Specs Brochure for more information.

  • Twin Cummins QSKTA50-CE diesel engines meet U.S. EPA Tier 2 emission regulations and provide powerful performance.
  • The electric motor option runs on a HITACHI TFOA-KK high voltage, three-phase, squirrel cage induction motor.
  • EX3600-6_travel_motorHigh-mounted compact travel motors are protected from rock damage. Optional travel motor guards provide an even higher level of protection from damage,
  • EX1900-6_rigid_box_designThe rigid box design resists bending and twisting forces, giving you stability and strength on any job.
  • The large bucket is shaped specifically to enhance digging and loading operations. Its sharp tilt angle helps boost operating efficiency by allowing the operator better use of the bucket digging forces, and after digging, keeping more of the material in the bucket while loading the haul truck.
  • The cast steel structures, integrated into the center track frame, assist in avoiding stress concentration and increase reliability.
  • The advanced hydraulic system tops the industry for smooth, efficient combined operations of the front attachment and swing, delivering quick cycle times.
  • EX1900-6_joystickElectric joystick control levers provide precise and almost effortless operation.
  • EX1900-6_LCD_monitorThe multi-display, color LCD monitor provides machine data, operating status and alerts at a glance. The monitor can be preset to indicate replacement intervals for engine oil, hydraulic oil and filters.
  • The computer-aided Engine-Pump Control (E-P Control) system senses load demand and adjusts power to the work being performed.
  • The one-lever leveling control boosts productivity through efficient operation of the bucket through the dig cycle. This is an exclusive Hitachi feature available on front shovel attachments.
  • EX5600-6_cabThe air suspension, multi-position seat can be customized to the operator’s needs and adjusted according to operator weight.
  • The sturdy cab protects operators from falling objects. The cab’s top guard conforms to OPG Level II (ISO) specifications. The entire cab sits on a package of fluid-filled elastic mounts that reduce vibrations and deliver a more comfortable ride.
  • The 7.64-meter (25.1 ft.) high, forward sloping cab provides a clear view of the work site – even when loading trucks.
  • The well-insulated, pressurized cab keeps out dust and is air conditioned.
  • EX8000-6_filtersThe centralized filter circle system makes inspection and maintenance quicker and more convenient.
  • EX1900-6_contamination_sensorA contamination sensor alerts the operator before it’s too late of accumulated contaminants in the oil that could cause damage.
  • EX3600-6_service_areaLocated at the center of the machine, a wide-open service area gives you access to the engine as well as hydraulic and electrical systems.
  • Folding stairs with wide steps allow for easy accessibility, servicing and maintenance.
  • A walkway around the entire counterweight provides easy access to rear areas for faster, safer inspections and maintenance.
  • The compartment floor slides down to lower a grease drum can for quick replacement.
  • An ejector automatically expels dust from the air cleaner, giving you one less maintenance task.
  • The auto-lubrication system for the front joint pins and swing saves you time.
  • With Global e-Service, an online machine management system, you can access each on-site machine from a PC in your office. You can get its operating information and location to increase productivity. Operating data and log are sent to a Hitachi server for processing, and then to customer and dealers. This system is available 24/7/365.
Emission Rating
Tier 2
Number Of Cylinders - Per Engine
50 ltr
3051 Inches³
Rated Speed
1800 rpm
Engine Output Per Engine- Net
1069 kW
1434 hp
Carrier Rollers - Each Side
Track Rollers - Each Side
Track Shoe Width
1400 mm
55 inches
Transport Length
12495 mm
41 ft ft/in
Transport Height - Maximum
8600 mm
28 ft 3 in ft/in
Overall Width
10080 mm
33 ft 1 in ft/in
Track Length On Ground
7000 mm
23 ft ft/in
Undercarriage Overall Length
9350 mm
30 ft 8 in ft/in
Tailswing Radius
7950 mm
26 ft 1 in ft/in
Ground Clearance
1100 mm
43 inches
Width over standard tracks
7400 mm
24 ft 3 in ft/in
Track Gauge
6000 mm
19 ft 8 in ft/in
Dig height (mono)
19700 mm
64 ft 8 in ft/in
Dump Height (Mono)
12200 mm
40 ft ft/in
Max Digging Reach (Mono)
20200 mm
66 ft 3 in ft/in
Ground level reach (mono)
19400 mm
63 ft 8 in ft/in
Dig depth - 2.44m / 8'ft flat bottom
8700 mm
28 ft 7 in ft/in
Dig depth (mono)
8800 mm
28 ft 11 in ft/in
Fuel Tank
11300 ltr
2985 gallons (US)
Hydraulic Tank
2200 ltr
581 gallons (US)
Ground Bearing Pressure
236 kPa
34.2 PSI
Dipper Tearout
1300 kN
292252 lbf
Weight - Maximum
537000 kg
1184000 lbs
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