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Hitachi Construction Machinery - North America

Hitachi introduces four upgraded Dash-6 foresters in North America – ZX210F-6, ZX260F-6, ZX310F-6 and ZX370F-6

March 31, 2017

(High res images of all four new machines are available at the bottom of this release)

Hitachi Construction Machinery – Americas today introduced upgraded Dash-6 foresters in North America. The new models build on the manufacturer’s reputation of efficiency, reliability and durability; and include multiple, new, customer-driven features that improve productivity, comfort and safety.

The four new Dash-6 models – ZX210F-6, ZX260F-6, ZX310F-6 and ZX370F-6 – utilize a fuel-efficient Final Tier 4 (FT4)/EU Stage IV Isuzu engine that does not need a diesel particulate filter (DPF). All four models also feature a quieter cab with three inches of additional legroom – the side entry cab is 25 percent larger than the previous Dash-3 models.

“Unlike retrofitted excavators patched together for logging use, Hitachi foresters are built from the ground up in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility specifically for forestry work,” said Carlos Uriarte, division sales manager at Hitachi Construction Machinery – Americas. “This ensures quality, and means owners and operators get the efficiency, reliability and durability Hitachi machines are known for.”

Hitachi’s line of purpose-built foresters has been working in the woods since 1999. All four, new Dash-6 models are available as road builders, processors, live heel log loaders and valve-in-head log loaders. For processor configurations, Waratah heads come factory-installed for seamless integration.

The ZX210F-6, ZX260F-6 and 370F-6 is available in both Canada and the United States. The ZX310F-6 is available in the United States now and will be released in Canada at a later date.


The Dash-6 Forester models have the same proven hydraulic systems found in Hitachi’s construction and mining excavators.

The upgraded models also feature numerous features designed to make maintenance easier. Ground level access to all filters and test ports makes maintenance easy and quick. And side by side by side engine, hydraulic and charge air coolers allow easier access for cleaning.

Cast counterweights were implemented to offset tail swing increases that would have been needed to accommodate FT4 packaging and larger cooling systems


Injection-molded polycarbonate windows in all cabs, and strategically placed floor windows in the rear-entry cabs provide excellent visibility to the tracks and work area. And a new, standard rear entry log loader cab provides easy access up the right side and across the back deck.

Owners have the choice of three cab convenience packages and three seat options to allow machines to be configured to suit the operator and the application.


A newly-designed machine control system allows the foresters to be factory “tuned” to increase productivity while reducing fluid consumption.

In addition, a completely revamped electrical system with 35 percent fewer components increases system reliability.

Finally, a larger cooling system, reversing cooling fan, improved airflow and a more efficient hydraulic management system keep the machines running cooler.


Undercarriage X-frames and upperframe structures are built to make the new Hitachi foresters last longer than ever before.

Longer track options on the ZX260F-6 and ZX370F-6 increase machine stability and improve machine lifting capacity by as much as 17 percent. Larger lower rollers with improved designs for the ZX210F-6, ZX260F-6 and ZX310F-6; and an optional Extreme Duty (XD) undercarriage for the ZX210F-6 improve undercarriage life and reliability.

For more information about these new Dash-6 models, please visit

Click to download a high res image of the ZX210F-6.

Hitachi ZX210F-6, Forester

Click to download a high res image of the ZX260F-6.

Hitachi ZX260F-6, Forester

Click to download a high res image of the ZX310F-6.

Hitachi ZX370F-6 Forester

Click to download a high res image of the ZX370F-6.