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Hitachi Construction Machinery - North America

A Customized Loader for the Loggers

January 22, 2020

A one-of-a-kind ZX470LC-6 has gone to work on Prince of Wales Island, Alaska. The construction excavator was fabricated by a third-party vendor as a customized log loader for Papac Alaska Logging, Inc.’s jobsite located a few miles outside of Control Lake.

“The Hitachi 470 is a one-of-a-kind machine,” said Mike Papac, Papac Alaska Logging owner. “So far the performance of the Hitachi has been outstanding. It’s doing extremely well. I’m just tickled to death with it.”

On Prince of Wales Island, the wood consists of large spruce logs that are mostly too large to utilize a felling head. Instead, Papac runs a hand-bucking operation and relies on the strength of the ZX470LC-6 as well as two ZX370F-6 log loaders to do the heavy lifting.

“We hand-buck because the logs just get too big,” Papac said. “This is the first 470 that’s been made into a logging machine with the 50-foot boom on it, and so far, everything’s been fantastic.”

Operator Don Schmidt echoed the enthusiasm for the new ZX470LC-6.

“It’s a great machine,” Schmidt said. “It’s comfortable but also has a ton of power.”

The ZX470LC-6 marks Papac’s 12th Hitachi purchase – the machines’ performance has made him a repeat buyer.

“My first Hitachi was a great, reliable machine,” Papac said. “So, I’ll just continue to buy more.”

Papac Alaska Logging, Inc. is serviced by Construction Machinery Industrial, LLC.