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Hitachi Construction Machinery - North America

Recent Deliveries

Hitachi ZX160LC-6 working on a home site
October 8, 2020
New ZX160LC-6 Begins Work in Anchorage, Alaska
A new ZX160LC-6 has made its way to Anchorage, Alaska, joining the fleet at BTH Construction, LLC, an excavation and consulting company specializing in residential and small commercial site work.
Hitachi ZX130-6 excavator
April 23, 2020
Reliability Digs Deep for Dwire
It’s fair to say that Jeff Dwire of Dwire Earthmoving LLC, has big expectations for his equipment. The Colorado Springs-based company is one of the largest earth movers in the area.
Hitachi ZX470LC-6 excavator
April 22, 2020
Productivity for Rocky Mountain Utilities
A new ZX470LC-6 is tackling terrain to install utilities in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The machine is the latest addition to Frazee Construction’s fleet, and a favorite when it comes to productivity.
Hitachi ZX350LC-6 excavator
February 19, 2020
Orange Iron Tackles Utah Red Rock
A new ZX350LC-6 is digging into rocky terrain on a new construction development overlooking St. George, Utah.
Hitachi ZX345USLC-6 excavator moving earth
February 11, 2020
First ZX345USLC-6 Arrives on Vancouver Island
When the first ZX345USLC-6 arrived on Vancouver Island in August 2019, David Stalker, owner of David Stalker Excavating Ltd., was ready to put it to work.
ZX470LC-6 log loader on hillside
January 22, 2020
A Customized Loader for the Loggers
A one-of-a-kind ZX470LC-6 has gone to work on Prince of Wales Island, Alaska. The construction excavator was fabricated by a third-party vendor as a customized log loader for Papac Alaska Logging’s jobsite located a few miles outside of Control Lake.
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