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Hitachi Construction Machinery - North America

Crushing the Competition

January 5, 2018

A Hitachi ZX350LC-6 operated by Delmarva Site Development.

If you ask Matt Facchina, owner of Delmarva Site Development, what his secret to success is, he’ll tell you. It’s actually very simple and involves a lot of orange iron.

Headquartered in Crofton, Md., Delmarva Site Development has specialized in full-service commercial and residential site development for the Mid-Atlantic region since 1999. The company takes projects from concept to build out and finished design, and has about 145 employees.

“We have a simple business philosophy: we just outwork everyone,” said Matt Facchina, owner of Delmarva Site Development. “After 18 years, we’ve cultivated a group of customers and it’s not because of me. My guys outwork everyone. We’re relentless.”

When it came to achieving his business philosophy, Facchina knew his guys needed equipment just as relentless as they were. He chose Hitachi excavators from the beginning and started building what he calls his “Orange Crush” fleet.

“I was familiar with Hitachi from previous employers,” he said. “So I started my own business with an understanding of the reliability of Hitachi excavators. It was an easy choice. We pride ourselves on the ‘Orange Crush’! Currently, we’re running about 42 Hitachi excavators ranging from a few mini excavators up to several 470s and a new 670. We still have a 450 that has about 19,000 hours on it!”


Delmarva has dedicated about a dozen of its Orange Crush fleet to an $85-million residential development project called Parkside at Westphalia in Prince George’s County, Md. The massive, multi-phase project covers 300 acres and will include 3,000 residential units.

“We started this project in 2012 and anticipate completion around 2022,” Facchina said. “We’re performing all the infrastructure, earthwork and underground utilities – sewer, water and storm drain. The project has over 3 million cubic yards of earthwork, and we’re putting in hundreds of thousands of feet of sewer and water line.”

Justin Martin, Delmarva project superintendent, said having Hitachi excavators on site makes a big difference.

“Hitachis are durable and reliable,” Martin said. “You know every morning your machine is going to do what you ask it to every day.”


With 18 years of experience, Delmarva knows what it takes to successfully work in the area’s challenging soil conditions.

“In the Mid-Atlantic region, we’re forced to work in poor soil conditions,” Facchina said. “We joke that the competitors can come out and put their products on a dry site with hard ground and they all do good. But when we’re working in bad, soft soil conditions, Hitachi just really outperforms everything.”

Each Orange Crush excavator is a team player on Delmarva’s jobs. The ZX470LC-6, ZX350LC-6 and ZX210LC-6 are the primary workhorses on the Parkside at Westphalia project.

“The 350 – paired with a 210 and loader – is our sweet spot for our utility crews,” Facchina said. “We run the 210s as support machines. We use them for digging, installing and as a backfill tool on our waterline operations. We use the 470s as loading tools. Our whole earthwork crew is dependent on the 470. If it goes down, about six or seven other pieces stop. We need our excavators up and running, and Hitachi is very reliable.”

Delmarva has also equipped its fleet to be as efficient as possible.

“About 90 percent of our fleet is outfitted with couplers, and all our 470s are set up with Trimble systems,” Facchina said. “For all the grading, it’s stakeless construction using GPS.”

Along with the Orange Crush, another recognizable fixture on Delmarva’s sites are a pair of fuel trucks proudly displaying American flag and Wounded Warrior Project decals.

“We’re big supporters of The Wounded Warrior Project and of St. Jude’s,” Facchina said. “We like to give back. We hope to motivate other people to get involved and support organizations like these.”


At the end of the day, for Delmarva, it’s about doing what you say and having the right guys and equipment to get the job done.

“Talk is cheap,” Facchina said. “It’s all about the delivery on jobs. I pride myself on not having a fleet with two of every brand; I’m real particular with having consistency within our fleet. I think our customers understand that we’ve got the best equipment in the industry and that we invest a lot in our spread. We’re here to produce and we need the best tools to work with.”

Facchina continues to build Delmarva’s Orange Crush with the help of his Hitachi dealer Elliott & Frantz.

“Elliott & Frantz is always there for me,” he said. “They’re a big reason we continue to choose Hitachi excavators. Bob Schaeffer and his team have been just phenomenal to work with throughout the years. The Hitachi organization has stood behind their product, and we just love our Hitachis.”

Delmarva has no plans to stop outworking the competition anytime soon. And Facchina is perfectly happy staying in his “sandbox.”

“I’m an operator by trade and I enjoy being outside,” he said. “It’s my sandbox. We’re very blessed to be able to do this every day.”

Delmarva Site Development, Inc. is serviced by Elliott & Frantz, Jessup, Md.