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Hitachi Construction Machinery - North America

Electric-Powered Excavators for Cost-Effective Productivity

December 14, 2016

Hitachi electric excavator

Hitachi mining excavators are engineered to give you efficiency, reliability and durability in all conditions.

Hitachi now offers five electric-powered excavators for the U.S. and Latin American markets – the EX1900E-6, EX2600E-6, EX3600E-6, EX5600E-6 and EX8000E-6. These models feature an advanced zero-emission electric drive motor designed to provide a cost-effective solution to mining operations where low-cost electricity is available. These workhorses are powered by Hitachi TFOA-KK electric motors with a voltage range of AC 6600V-6900V at 60 hertz.


  • Hitachi TFOA-KK electric motors.
  • No need for costly consumables such as engine oil, filters, coolant or fan belts.
  • No need for engine components such as radiators, air filters and mufflers.
  • Engine-Pump Control adjusts power to load demand.
  • Auto-lubrication system for simplified maintenance.


  • Comfortable cab with increased visibility.
  • Advanced multi-display monitor.
  • Global e-Service remote monitoring system.


  • Rigid box design resists bending and twisting forces.
  • Filtered and monitored hydraulic system.
  • Welded steel-plate front attachments.
  • Track shoes with triple grouser design and single flange roller.