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Hitachi Construction Machinery - North America

My First Hitachi: Pivetta Brothers Construction

February 14, 2018

Model: ZX225US

Purchase Year: 2001

Hours: 14,000+

“We purchased our first Hitachi – a 225 – for working in tight spaces doing some alley and sewer upgrades in the city of Tacoma. We needed a machine that was big enough to handle 8-by-16 ditch boxes and load trucks. We needed to dig down 12 to 18 feet, then boom up within the swing circle of the undercarriage and swing around over the garages to load the material into trucks. The trucks would then take the material around the block and back up the alley in front of us, and dump it back into the ditch where we were digging. So we purchased the 225 for that work. Our equipment number for it is EX-111, and we’re still running it on jobs today.

“We bought our second machine less than two years later, and then we bought a 350, 450 and a couple of 135’s. In 2014, we picked up a couple of 245’s, and in 2017, another 350 and 470. At the present time, we are picking up another 135 and 245 as well. We’re running about 15 Hitachi machines.

“Hitachi builds an excellent piece of equipment. They are our digging machines. Some of the biggest items that have attracted us to Hitachi are the longevity, reliability, hydraulic systems and Isuzu engines. We’ve had nothing but good luck with Hitachi. They work every day, don’t let us down, are very reliable, fuel-efficient and do the job that’s needed. That’s what pays the bills.”

-Mark Pivetta
Owner, Pivetta Brothers Construction Inc.
Serviced by Papé Machinery, Fife, Wash.