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Hitachi Construction Machinery - North America

HERD Member Spotlight: Amazing Excavating

June 13, 2019
Fred Fair, Amazing Excavating owner

Amazing Excavating
Fred Fair, Owner
Established in 2010
Headquartered in Peterborough, Ontario
Serviced by Wajax

Fred Fair is a proud Hitachi owner. His company, Amazing Excavating, handles residential construction. Fred said, “Hitachi has a machine for every job we do.” We recently caught up with him to hear more about why he chooses Hitachi.

Tell us about your company.

“We do anything that has to do with dirt. That includes basements, septics, roads and armour stone. We do a lot of subdivision work. We do everything from basements to the backfill to top soil and then landscaping.“

What Hitachi machines do you run?

“We currently have a ZX17, ZX130, ZX135 and a ZX245. They’re phenomenal on fuel and you can do a lot more with a Hitachi. I love that you can swing and scoop while you’re traveling, and they don’t stall out like other machines would.”

How do your Hitachi machines help you on the job?

“They’re great from the little to the big. I can do pretty much anything with a Hitachi. The compacts allow me to get in anywhere while the big machines handle our heavy digging such as our work for condos. The wide variety really helps.”

How long have you been a Hitachi fan?

“I’ve been a fan since about 1980 when my uncle bought his first Hitachi. Then, my other uncle bought an EX150 in about ’82. My dad also started his own company, and he got the EX200, which he had for six years. When I went out on my own, I bought the EX160.”

Why do you keep buying Hitachi machines?

“They’re just an overall good machine. We haven’t had an issue with any of our machines. We usually keep them 3-4 years and then trade them in. Four years is the longest, and we had zero problems. All you have to do is put fuel in them and run them. It’s that simple.

We put a Rototilt on the 135 and it handles that really well. It just shows how you can do more functions with the Hitachi. On other machines, they stall out. I can do everything, and it doesn’t bug the Hitachi.

Plus, I love orange. It stands out. I’m the only one around that has Hitachi. When they see an orange machine, they know it’s me.”