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Hitachi Construction Machinery - North America

HERD Member Spotlight: Brad Cabay

March 16, 2021
Fred Cabay, Brad Cabay and Codie Cabay
Pictured left to right: Fred Cabay, Brad Cabay and Codie Cabay

Brad Cabay, Owner/Operator
Cabay’s Dirtworks Ltd.
Established in 2000
Headquartered in Bonnyville, AB, Canada
Serviced by Wajax, Edmonton, AB, Canada

As the second-generation owner of Cabay’s Dirtworks Ltd. in Bonnyville, AB, Brad Cabay’s love for Hitachi runs deep. Having owned 20 Hitachi excavators since 2000, including six in his current lineup, Brad turns to Hitachi to get the job done right. We recently caught up with Brad (pictured center) to learn more about his business and why he relies on Hitachi equipment.

Tell us about your company.

“My dad founded Cabay Ditching in 1970. I followed in my dad’s footsteps somewhat, and ventured into oilfield and civil work by starting Cabay’s Dirtworks Ltd. in 2000. I recently started to focus on lease reclamation and remediation work in my area of Bonnyville, AB, Canada.”

What’s your role at Cabay’s Dirtworks?

“My role was and still is complex. I’m like any company owner – I work crazy hard to keep things rolling. I’m also the safety officer, mechanic, promotions director, operator and mentor for new employees and customers. Lately, I’ve been focusing more on operations while my son Codie, along with his wife Kelti, start to take on more active roles with the company. They’re the third generation of Dirtworks and will hopefully take over some day.”

What Hitachi machines do you currently run?

“I currently own six Hitachi excavators – one ZX230LC, three ZX250LC-6’s, one ZX290LC-5 and one ZX300LC-6. Since I started, I’ve had 20 Hitachis – some new and some purchased used.”

Why do you purchase Hitachi?

“I’ve always liked Hitachi equipment. Many say I have orange blood. My dad bought his first Hitachi back in 1983, a used 1981 EX200LC. I started out of the gate with Hitachi excavators. Back several years ago, I was involved with some of the engineers from Hitachi’s headquarters in Japan in testing out the new 300 series in our cold environment. I was able to host the engineers in Bonnyville and the experience was awesome.”

What’s your favorite part about Hitachi equipment?

“My favorite part is the performance and color. To me, they are clean, sharp-looking units.”

Who is your Hitachi dealer and what is their support like?

“We work with Wajax and their support has been excellent – sales and parts are second to none. I’ve called in the middle of the night and my sales guy, Jonathan Cross, not only answered the phone, but got me in touch with service and walked us through what we needed. It was priceless!

"Wajax’s field service foreman Trevor Graham is an amazing man. His complete knowledge of Hitachi excavators is truly the best I’ve experienced. His wealth of knowledge has helped our company tremendously.”