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Hitachi Construction Machinery - North America

HERD Member Spotlight: Eglentowicz Wrecking, LLC

July 23, 2019

Eglentowicz Wrecking, LLC
Gerald Eglentowicz Jr., President
Established in 2009
Headquartered in Kearny, New Jersey
Serviced by Jesco

Gerald Eglentowicz, Jr., president of Eglentowicz Wrecking LLC, has been a Hitachi fan for 20 years. After getting his start with Mazzocchi Wrecking, Eglentowicz helped with work on the World Trade Center site. Mazzocchi ran an all-Hitachi fleet, so when Eglentowicz started his own company in 2009, Hitachi was the clear choice.

Tell us about your company.

“We work in the demolition industry across the North East. We go wherever the client demand is. We have 20 employees who work on a wide range of projects, from a house to a 1 million square-foot building.”

What Hitachi machines do you run?

“My first purchase when I started my own company was the Hitachi ZX200LC-3 with a grapple. After about a year of that machine building my business and helping us pay the bills, we invested in a ZX290LC-5. That helped a ton as demand grew for our company. Then, eventually we purchased more Hitachis including a Hitachi ZX60, two ZX470LC-6s and a ZX300LC-6. Our brand is that Hitachi orange.”

How do your Hitachi machines help you on the job?

“The Hitachi machines are great overall machines. They’re very powerful and reliable. We use various attachments including grapples, hammers, pulverizers and shears. We’re taking down all types of structures, so we need that power and reliability.”

How long have you been a Hitachi fan?

“I’ve been on Hitachis my whole career – nearly 20 years. I’ve always liked the Hitachi equipment line. My old boss Nick Mazzocchi was a big Hitachi fan. He had 50 at one time. It’s all I know. I built my brand around the reliability and that memorable color. I wouldn’t buy another machine. Hitachi is my brand.”

Why do you keep buying Hitachi machines?

“It comes down to the reliability. Our Hitachi machines are very reliable. We have one machine with 7,500 hours on it, and we’re very happy. They’re extremely reliable and very powerful. It’s a cutting-edge piece of equipment.”