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Hitachi Construction Machinery - North America

HERD Member Spotlight: Triple C Redi-Mix Inc.

March 10, 2020
Vanderwiele family

Casey Vanderwiele
Triple C Redi-Mix Inc.
Established in 1989
Headquartered in Baker City, Oregon
Serviced by Papé Machinery, Bend, Oregon

Even though Casey Vanderwiele uses what he calls a “small herd,” that doesn’t stop his excitement when describing Hitachi. Combined with his father Cass, the pair have three Hitachi excavators that they’ve lovingly named Johnny (ZX160LC-3), Kunzie (ZX240LC-3) and Clyde (ZX350LC-3). We caught up with Casey to hear more about why he loves Hitachi.

Tell us about your company and how Hitachi helps your workload.

“We handle sand, gravel, ready mix and excavation. We recently even used two of our Hitachis to set a mixer barrel on a new mixer truck we’re putting together.

The Hitachi machines make a huge difference. We’ll put up as much material in a half day now as what used to take us a day to a day-and-a-half without Hitachi.”

How did you become interested in Hitachi?

“I had a friend who had a Hitachi, and we started looking into it. We started to look at the product, support and service. The support has been incredible. We’re not located close to our dealer, Papé, but they still really support us.”

What made you excited about buying your first Hitachi?

“The 350 was the first one my dad got. The Hitachis outperform anything as far as excavators. The response and power is outstanding. Those things will dance.”

What do you love about your Hitachi machines?

“We refer to our Hitachis as therapy because when you’re in the excavator, it’s just like therapy. We used to load haul trucks in seven buckets, and now we’re loading in four buckets. They’re so fast and smooth that we had to get bigger haul trucks.”

Why would you recommend Hitachi?

“The fuel savings will make the equipment payment. They’re great. We would absolutely buy another Hitachi.”