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Hitachi Construction Machinery - North America

Improved Efficiency With EX-7 Series FCO Technologies

October 5, 2018


Did you know in 2019 Hitachi will begin introducing new models of the EX1200 through EX8000 mining shovels? And the EX-7 Series Mining Excavators will incorporate Fuel Consumption Optimization (FCO) savings while maintaining the same productivity levels customers have come to expect from the EX-6 Series Mining Excavators.

There are two areas that Hitachi focused on to improve the efficiency of the EX-7 Series – the engine and the hydraulic system.

  1. Improved engine efficiency includes Final Tier 4 (FT4) technology for countries that are regulated by diesel exhaust emissions (US & Canada), and Optimized Fuel Calibration settings on the engines for non-regulated countries. These technologies combined with the engine fan clutch (EX2600 & EX5600) make up the engine portion of the FCO technologies.
  2. Improved hydraulic system efficiency includes:
  • Main pump electronic regulators: control of the main pumps is now an electronic function and no longer controlled by the hydraulic pilot system, reducing the mechanical work load to power the hydraulic pilot system from the previous models.
  • Boom lower operation with regeneration circuit: the boom lower regeneration circuit reduces the amount of oil needed to be supplied by the main pumps to lower the boom. During this function, the oil on the piston side of the cylinder during the lowering of the boom is used to make up the oil flow on the rod side of the cylinder, reducing the workload on the hydraulic system.
  • Efficient cooling package

With the use of a larger hydraulic oil cooler and fan, the cooling efficiency of the hydraulic system is increased, requiring less power to maintain the proper hydraulic oil temperatures. The control of the hydraulic oil cooler fan is now a linear function versus a stepped function, eliminating the wasted energy in the various ranges of the steps and focusing on a linear correlation to temperature and fan speed.

These combined FCO technologies of the engine and hydraulic system result in a 7-10 percent FCO versus the previous models while maintaining the same productivity levels.

For EX5600-7 FT4, fuel consumption only is expected to be 8 percent less when compared to EX5600-6. When considering total fluid consumption (Fuel+DEF), expected fluid reduction is around 3 percent. DEF consumption will range between 3-5 percent of fuel consumption.

For more information, contact your local Hitachi dealer.