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Hitachi Construction Machinery - North America

My First Hitachi: Hamm Construction

July 18, 2019
Hitachi UH181

Model: Hitachi UH171
Purchase Year: 1981

“Our company focuses on infrastructure, mainly sewer and water. We were the first ones in our province to buy a Hitachi. We did a lot of research and saw the UH171 firsthand before purchasing. We could tell it had good engineering, good design, and at the time, hydraulics were still new. It felt like the right machine to invest in.

Since then, we’ve bought 21 Hitachi machines over the years – ranging from a 35 to an 850. We have quite a variety of sizes, so we can pick the machine that best suits that job’s needs. That 171 was the first one in our province, and after that we had really great success. Being the first ones around to get Hitachi, we had concerns about dealership support, but we’ve had really good success with support. They (Wajax) were behind Hitachi 100 percent.

Hitachi is the superior excavator, and they continue to prove themselves. In 1986, we traded in the UH171 for a UH181, which still sits in the yard. It’s quite functionable and has 20,616 hours on it!

Hitachi provides reliability, and Wajax gives great support with parts and repairs as needed. They’re excellent machines, and they have that longevity.”

-Henry Hamm
Founder, Hamm Construction
Serviced by Wajax, Saskatoon, SK