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Hitachi Construction Machinery - North America

New ZX160LC-6 Begins Work in Anchorage, Alaska

October 8, 2020
Hitachi ZX160LC-6

A new ZX160LC-6 has made its way to Anchorage, Alaska, joining the fleet at BTH Construction, LLC, an excavation and consulting company specializing in residential and small commercial site work.

“My father’s first hydraulic excavator was a UH045 back in the mid-80s,” said Brian Harten, BTH Construction owner and operator. “My first hydraulic excavator was a 1999 Hitachi EX160. It felt right to carry on the Hitachi tradition, since both of those previous machines helped build successful businesses and moved a lot of dirt.”

Harten’s new Hitachi workhorse, along with its two buckets – a 42” digging bucket and a 66” clean-up bucket – is busy working on a large custom home site, overlooking the Anchorage Coastal Trail and Cook Inlet.

“The performance of the ZX160 allows me to do work that many brands would need to provide in their 200-210 size excavators,” Harten said. “The size and weight of the 160 allows me to transport it more easily and fit it onto smaller jobsites where the larger excavators wouldn’t be able to.”

Not only is the size of the ZX160LC-6 right for Harten’s jobs, but the hydraulics and power is, too.

“The hydraulics are exact, helping me do my precision grading for foundation pads and driveways,” Harten said. “The motor and hydraulic system is powerful, allowing us to efficiently move large amounts of material quickly when clearing and grubbing a lot, stockpiling material or loading trucks.”

Harten, who has previously owned two other Hitachi excavators – the EX160 and a ZX200 – expects to add more in the next year or two. For now, the ZX160LC-6 is getting the job done just as he’d hoped.

“In my mind, Hitachi has always been the best excavator out there,” he said. “I’ve always said, if you were going to have only one excavator, it better be a Hitachi.”

BTH Construction, LLC, is serviced by Construction Machinery Industrial, LLC, Anchorage, Alaska.