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Hitachi Construction Machinery - North America

Productivity for Rocky Mountain Utilities

April 22, 2020

A new ZX470LC-6 is tackling terrain to install utilities in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The machine is the latest addition to Frazee Construction’s fleet, and a favorite when it comes to productivity.

“We started running Hitachi excavators about four years ago,” said Jeremy Frazee, CEO and director of field operations. “Now, we have eight of them. We continue to choose Hitachi because we’ve had great luck with the equipment.”

The ZX470LC-6 has been one of the company’s favorite machines as it checks all the boxes for size, strength and comfort. The ZX470LC-6 is busy installing water lines in a new residential development in Colorado Springs. This job demands laying 500 feet of pipe per day.

“Productivity is everything,” Frazee said, “When one of these machines goes down, it’s a lot of guys standing around and it’s a lot of money. With our Hitachis, that rarely happens. We get great support from our dealer 4Rivers to keep us up and running.”

While productivity is key for installing utilities, so is attention to detail. Water lines, in particular, require high attention to detail and accuracy.

“Everything is inspected, which means we have to be even more precise,” Frazee said. “So, it takes another layer of quality control, more training and more sophisticated equipment.”

The smoothness of Hitachi is also a differentiator for Frazee.

“I think the smoothness and overall operation of the machine is huge,” he said. “Operator comfort in the Hitachi machines has always been great. And they’re quiet, which is another bonus.”

Frazee noted that there’s just something about the excitement of having a new machine on a jobsite that energizes the team.

“These guys will fight over who’s going to run the new 470,” Frazee smiled. “And I’d be lying if I said I didn’t like to run the equipment myself, especially new machines. That is the kid in me. Even though I’m not digging all day every day, I’ve always loved running an excavator.”

Frazee Construction Co. is serviced by 4Rivers Equipment.