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Hitachi Construction Machinery - North America

Reliability Digs Deep for Dwire

April 23, 2020
Hitachi ZX130-6 excavator

It’s fair to say that Jeff Dwire of Dwire Earthmoving LLC, has big expectations for his equipment. The Colorado Springs-based company is one of the largest earth movers in the area. They routinely give every machine in their fleet a workout, including their latest additions, a new ZX130-6 and a ZX870LC-6.

“Our guys need to be swinging every 15 seconds and throwing dirt,” said company owner Jeff Dwire. “Production is what it’s all about. I cannot have my machines break down. And for us, Hitachi just has remarkable reliability.”

Dwire, once an experienced operator himself, now focuses on optimizing efficiency and tackling some of the largest projects in Colorado Springs. Recently, the company worked on the I-25 interchange project, moving more than two million cubic yards of material to prep the area for a multi-cloverleaf highway interchange.

“I’ve run pretty much every brand of excavator there is,” Dwire said. “For this type of work, I like the Hitachis. They seem to be well balanced as far as top loading and production loading. They’re super efficient and great on fuel.”

Dwire started running Hitachi excavators back in the 1980s and was struck by how smooth the controls were. The new ZX130-6 is no different and packs a punch on Dwire’s smaller scale jobs.

“Right now, we have four Hitachi excavators,” Dwire said. “From the really small mini excavators, all the way up to the ZX870LC-6.”

The machine range within their fleet helps the company accomplish smaller jobs like digging residential trenches, to large-scale jobs where the ZX870LC-6 is a production workhorse, outfitted with a 9-cubic-yard bucket.

No matter the work or size of the job, Dwire noted that reliability and support from his dealer, 4Rivers Equipment, are key to maximized uptime.

“We need machines that are going to produce day in and day out,” Dwire said. “Reliability is everything in this business, along with dealer support. I’ve known 4Rivers Equipment for 25 years, and the machine with their dealer support really go hand-in-hand in making it a great experience.”

Dwire has hopes that he will continue to grow his fleet and continue utilizing the reliability that Hitachi delivers.

“I always say if all I had to do was run Hitachi equipment, that’s what I would do,” Dwire smiled.

Dwire Earthmoving LLC is serviced by 4Rivers Equipment.