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Hitachi Construction Machinery - North America

Increase Uptime With Structural Inspections

January 17, 2020

A Hitachi representative conducts a visual inspection.

When it comes to maximizing the efficiency, reliability and durability of your Hitachi fleet, it’s important to keep an eye on your machines.

“Visual structural inspections are critical to machine availability and uptime,” said Craig Steinhauser, division manager of customer support for Hitachi Construction & Mining Division - Americas. “Proactively catching any small cracks in the frame, boom and arm reduces downtime, decreases repair costs and increases productivity.”

Hitachi offers structural programs and warranties for its mining and construction equipment so you can confidently keep your operation up and running.

Mining Equipment

For mining shovels 180 MT and above, Hitachi’s Structural Inspection and Parts Visual Check Program is designed to detect structural cracks in their early stages of occurrence and to ensure the reliability of the machine. The inspections may be performed by your local Hitachi dealer or by an outside contractor if needed. The program includes coverage at 6,000 and 9,000 hours.

  • 6,000 hours: Inspection and repair is covered. A Product Special Allowance (Visual Inspection Claim) can be submitted for the inspection and for the repair cost for any crack found during the inspection. The Visual Inspection is mandatory.
  • 9,000 hours: Inspection is covered. A Product Special Allowance (Visual Inspection Claim) can be submitted for the inspection.

Construction Equipment

Hitachi stands behind the structural integrity of its construction equipment with the StructurALLTM warranty. This warranty provides three years or 10,000 hours (whichever comes first) of coverage on major machine structures as installed at the factory free of charge, including booms, Rollover Protection Structure (ROPS) and mainframes.* Visual inspections help keep machines running at peak performance, and this warranty provides another layer of protection to ensure maximum productivity.

Contact your local Hitachi dealer today for more details or to schedule a visual structural inspection.

*Restrictions may apply; see your Hitachi dealer for complete details.