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Hitachi Construction Machinery - North America

Technical Training With Hitachi

March 1, 2018

When you choose Hitachi, you get more than just efficient, reliable and durable equipment.

“Each mining excavator and truck is supported by the Hitachi Mining Division’s technical training department,” said Craig Steinhauser, division manager of customer support for Hitachi Construction Machinery – Americas. “This team is dedicated to optimizing the performance of your Hitachi fleet through sharing technical knowledge, offering training courses, making site visits and more.”

The Hitachi Mining Division’s technical training department provides different levels of on- and off-site training for your operators and technicians, such as:

  • Phase I Maintenance Training: operator walk-around and familiarization training. Upon course completion, technicians will be able to describe machine controls, perform maintenance intervals and procedures, navigate the monitor system and more.
  • Phase II Maintenance Training: technical training on the entire machine, including systems, diagnostics and programming. Upon course completion, technicians will be equipped to perform basic operational tests, schedule maintenance tasks, identify machine issues, provide solutions and more.
  • Advanced hydraulic, electrical and diagnostics courses for advanced technicians.
  • Customizable courses based on customer need.

To provide the best training possible, knowledge checks are provided throughout each course to ensure comprehension and a final test is given to accredit technicians. Additionally, learning materials are provided at the end of each course.

What’s the importance of technical training? Trained, accredited technicians mean less downtime for diagnostics and more machine productivity. And that all adds up to a better bottom line for you!

Contact your local Hitachi dealer for more details or to sign up for a technical training course.