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Hitachi Construction Machinery - North America

Grade Management

Imagine your best operators made even better with Hitachi grade management technology.

Choose from Solution Linkage 2D or 3D Grade Control, or opt for Solution Linkage 2D or 3D Grade Guidance with easy paths for future upgrades.

Available on the ZX210-6, ZX210LC-6 and ZX350LC-6, this technology helps operators spend less time getting grade right the first time. Plus, it offers efficiency for your crew, is factory-integrated and backed by your Hitachi dealer.

Talk to your dealer to learn more about which grade management solution is right for you.

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Hitachi equipment grade management

Choose Solution Linkage 2D or 3D Grade Control
For These Advantages

Simplified Control
The operator sets grade and controls the arm as the machine automatically controls the boom and bucket.

Fewer Passes
Grade Control reduces the need for multiple passes to achieve final grade.

The system is factory-integrated and calibrated so the excavator arrives ready to work on day one.

Overdig Protect
Overdig Protect prevents digging below target grade for both 2D and 3D systems.

Crew members normally assigned to checking grade can be reassigned to other tasks.

Virtual Fence
Virtual Fence features allow operators to establish boundaries and notify the operator as the machine approaches those boundaries.

Fingertip Operation
Joystick integration adds functionality without compromising operation.

Expand Opportunities
Connect to any jobsite with the integrated dual-band radio or by adding a network modem or compatible RTK radio.

Stay Connected
Grade Control remote support includes Remote Display Access (RDA) and Wireless Data Transfer (WDT) to boost performance, connectivity and support.

Enjoy the benefits of Solution Linkage 2D or 3D Grade Guidance

Grade Insights
Grade Guidance arms operators with elevation and position of bucket cutting-edge relative to target plane (2D) or design surface (3D).

Acquisition costs are lower than full-grade control options.

Real-Time Display
Indication of distance to grade is in real time.

Precision Work
This is the perfect solution for precision excavation projects including digging trenches for pipes, shaping ditches or slopes, or excavating structure foundations.

From 2D to 3D, guidance to control, or both. Upgrade kits are available through your Hitachi dealer.