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Hitachi Construction Machinery - North America

ZXLink: Frequently Asked Questions

How does the system work?

The remote monitoring system collects pertinent data from equipment and transmits it via a dual band digital/analog cellular modem, back to a database. The data can be accessed through the web from your or your dealer’s office and displayed in the form of meaningful information.

Why are there two levels of service and who would use them?

Each of the two levels of service is targeted for specific end users.

Dealer service managers will benefit from ZXLink™ Select to track machine locations and imminent maintenance needs. It also gives them the ability to recommend service based on the stored machine operating history.

Customers with larger fleets would certainly have need for machine location but also want access to the more intimate machine operating data available in ZXLink™ Ultimate to track fuel consumption, interrogate diagnostic trouble codes and improve uptime.

Why has Hitachi Construction Machinery formed an alliance with Qualcomm for this product?

Hitachi Construction Machinery understands the internal workings of our machines and the applications in which they work. We also understand how machine data can be interpreted for scheduling maintenance, tracking utilization and identifying opportunities for operator training.

Qualcomm is the industry leader in telematics both on and off road. It has the infrastructure for transmitting machine data to a website for storage, interpretation and access through the web from anywhere and a suite of applications that convert the raw data into useful information. Together, we make a great team.

Are there limitations to the equipment ZXLink™ can be used on?

ZXLink™ Select and Ultimate are connected directly to the machine communications network (CAN) on select models of Hitachi equipment. It is proprietary to Hitachi Construction Machinery and provides more detailed information about the machine health and how it is being used.

For more information, contact your Hitachi dealer.

How do I order systems or parts?

Systems and parts can be ordered by your Hitachi dealer.

What is the pricing for the systems?

Please contact your Hitachi dealer for competitive pricing options.

In what regions is ZXLink™ available?

ZXLink™ is available in the U.S. and Canada and should be fully functional in any area that has cellular coverage. Remote areas of the U.S. and Canada should be served via satellite. Contact your local Hitachi dealer for more information.

Want to find out how ZXLink™ can benefit you?

Contact your Hitachi dealer