Hitachi Construction Machinery - North America
Wheeled Excavators
19 958 kg – 20 548 kg (44,000 lb. – 45,300 lb.)

Roll toward more productivity.

At Hitachi, we don’t get sidetracked building every kind of construction equipment. Instead, we build excavators. It’s that kind of focus, combined with our legacy of meeting demanding mining applications, that results in highly efficient, reliable and durable machines. Mobile and maneuverable, Hitachi Dash-5 Wheeled Excavators can quickly cruise from spot to spot under their own power and are ready to roll on your jobsites.
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Net Power
129 kW
173 hp
Operating Weight
20 500 kg
45,300 lb.
Max Dig Reach
9.48 m
31 ft. 1 in.
Max Dig Depth
5.93 m
19 ft. 5 in.
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