Hitachi Construction Machinery - North America
Haul Truck
Cummins QSK23
Net Machine Weight
108 950 kg
240,194 lb.
Nominal Payload
63.5 tonnes
70 tons
567 kW
760 hp
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The EH1100-5 is our smallest mechanical drive rigid hauler loaded with lots of new upgrades that make it more efficient, reliable and durable. It’s the perfect match for large construction sites and small- to mid-size quarry and mining operations.

Its durable frame and suspension broadly distribute the stress of a full load over the frame’s entire length and width, making it last for years. The certified EPA Tier 2 Cummins engine gets the most out of every drop of fuel, and the hauler’s economical operation makes it a more valuable asset for your operations.

  • The EH1100-5 features two engine options. The certified EPA Tier 2 Cummins QSK23 engine with an advanced aluminum cooling package is available for all markets. The fuel-optimized MTU-12V2000 diesel engine is also available outside of North America. Both engines are 760 SAE gross HP.
  • The rear hinge has been designed to allow the hinge pin to float when the body is in the fully lowered position. The weight of the body and payload is distributed across rubber body pads that are evenly spread across the length of the body railbox that rests on the truck frame.
  • The EH1100-5 has a higher payload. The body now has a flat floor-plate for more control of material shed while dumping.
  • Truck frame rails are connected laterally by a high-arching cross member. This structure is positioned behind the engine and allows for easy engine access.
  • The hydraulic hoist system uses two, three-stage double-acting cylinders. The hydraulically cushioned hoist cylinders slow body descent to a crawl over the last several inches of travel, minimizing wear and tear on the components.
  • EH1100-50_LCD_monitorThe cab features a new 265 mm (10.4 in.) LCD screen that doubles as an instrument panel and a backup camera monitor.
  • The payload monitoring system is fully integrated for prompt reporting of tons moved, cycle times, cycle count and distance.
  • The programming and diagnostic ports previously located on the rear wall are now positioned in the dashboard for easier access.
  • The EH1100-5 truck systems communicate via CAN bus, which allows rear view camera monitoring through the LCD display and reduces the amount of wiring required throughout the truck.
  • A closed-center hydrostatic power-steering system gives the operator smooth, precise control.
  • EH1100-5_controlsInside the HI-TECH ROPS/FOPS cab is a dashboard that positions controls within easy reach and provides excellent visual contact. The cab ROPS structure is now redesigned to meet the requirements of using the EH1100-5 as a water truck.
  • EH1100-5_cameraVisibility from the cab is enhanced with added mirrors, cameras for blind spots, backup and tire lights, and brighter headlamps. The high level visibility improves safety and productivity.
  • Double-wall construction of inner and outer steel panels produces a more structurally sound cab. A three-point rubber isolation-mount setup significantly reduces shocks, vibrations and noise, keeping operators more comfortable.
  • EH1100-5_suspensionThe EH1100-5 features an ACCU-TRAC suspension that has an independent trailing arm for each front wheel. Both arms are supported by Neocon-filled struts that minimize stress and vibration. 
  • The trailing arm design allows energy to travel straight up, where it is absorbed by the strut, minimizing frame fatigue and twisting.
  • Neocon-filled struts deliver a higher level of stability, control and isolation compared to struts filled with nitrogen and oil.
  • Another upgraded improvement with the EH1100-5 are two body prop pins that replace the single prop cable, making it more efficient to prop up the body.
  • The unique ACCU-TRAC suspension can improve tire life by up to 40 percent compared to suspended kingpin designs.
  • Front suspension cylinders can be serviced quickly without removing them from the truck.
  • The four-pin planetary gear runs at lower temperatures to extend lubricant life and increase the life of the gear itself, resulting in longer uptime.
  • EH1100-5_fast_fuelThe EH1100-5 offers quicker refueling with a low pressure “Fast Fuel” option that uses the truck’s standard fuel tank.
  • EH1100-5_access_systemThe previous “both side vertical ladders” have been upgraded to an improved access system that features inclined steps, making it easier and quicker to get on board.
  • EH1100-5_brake_accumulatorsThe brake accumulators are now positioned outside of the radiator support for easier service. 
  • EH1100-5_steering_accumulatorsThe steering accumulator is closer to the center of the deck, and the RCB valve is now accessible from the deck for better serviceability. In addition, the EH1100-5 now features a service light on the front handrail, making it easier to see the coolant level and filters during maintenance checks.
  • EH1100-5_GREASEThe EH1100-5 allows ground-level feeding of grease, hydraulic oil and engine oil for fast, simple topping-off. This optional Service Center can be installed with or without the Fast Fueling Option.

The lube system pump and battery switches, previously located on the deck, are now mounted on the support for easy access.

  • The batteries are now inside the front bumper and accessible from ground level.
  • The trailing-arm suspension allows the front struts to be removed and installed without removing the front brakes or tires.
  • EH1100-5_rear_brakesUptime is increased with the wet-disc rear brakes, engineered and built for long service life in tough environments. The brakes are continuously oil cooled, with a dual-circuit design for added safety. The wet-disc rear brakes now come with an integrated parking brake.
  • The transmission has been upgraded to the Allison H6620A with Shift Energy Management (SEM) system. The SEM system reduces engine torque during transmission shifts, delivering longer drivetrain life and increased operator comfort.
Engine Manufacturer
Engine Model
Number Of Cylinder
23 ltr
1404 Inches³
Rated Speed
2100 rpm
Engine Output - Gross
567 kW
760 hp
Transmission Manufacturer
Front Suspension - Type
Trailing Arm
Rear Suspension - Type
Tyre Size
24.00 R35
Service Brake - Actuation
Parking Brake - Type
Dry disc
Retarder - Type
Service Brakes - Rear
Length - Overall
9940 mm
391 inches
Height - Max
4670 mm
184 inches
Width - Over Tyres
4420 mm
174 inches
Hoist - Type
Twin, 3-stage
Power Down
Fuel Tank
700 ltr
185 gallons (US)
Hydraulic System
265 ltr
70 gallons (US)
Struck Capacity
32.7 m³
42.8 yd³
Heaped Capacity
41.5 m³
54.3 yd³
Gears - Forward / Reverse
6F - 2R
Lowest Net Weight
45450 kg
100200 lbs
63500 kg
13993.3 lbs
Gross Weight
108950 kg
240194 lbs
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