Hitachi Construction Machinery - North America
Haul Truck
Cummins QST30C
Net Machine Weight
163 300 kg
360,015 lb.
Nominal Payload
103.7 tonnes
94.1 tons
895 kW
1,200 hp
The comfort of working faster.

Getting work done on time isn’t just about power. It’s also about operator comfort. The EH1700-3 combines an innovative suspension system, unitized frame, improved power and a high-comfort cab. The result? More productivity, less operator fatigue. Offering an excellent blend of economy and performance, your support staff will also appreciate the outstanding serviceability and the use of traditional diagnostics. The EH1700-3 delivers efficiency, reliability and durability so you can get more work done faster.

  • The EH1700-3 features two engine options: the Detroit Diesel (DDEC Series 2000) or Cummins Quantum engines. Both engines have a proven track record of reliability and efficiency.
  • Engines meet current EPA standards and provide more than enough power with great fuel economy.
  • A broadly radiating frame distributes the stress of a full load over the frame’s entire length and width. Welds are oriented longitudinally, eliminating stress cracks. Frame intersections are curved to create a more resilient backbone. And reinforced inner, center and outer web plates accommodate a larger payload.
  • Truck frame rails are connected laterally by a high-arching cross member. This structure is positioned behind the engine and provides a mounting point for the cab and upper deck that doesn’t restrict engine access.
  • Vertically mounted struts absorb haul road input and minimize frame twisting.
  • Frame is wider at the rear to support loads better.
  • Hitachi’s “horse-collar” design provides best-in class engine access. This keeps trucks hauling longer and faster.
  • The body is manufactured from high-tensile, abrasion-resistant alloy steel. The rubber-cushioned body features a sloped floor for easy cleaning and reduced contamination of the air filter. A heated tipper floor helps shed material, while an extended canopy protects the operator from the elements.
  • EH1100-5_suspensionThe EH1700-3 features an ACCU-TRAC suspension that has an independent trailing arm for each front wheel. Both arms are supported by Neocon- filled struts that minimize stress and vibration. The trailing arm allows energy to travel straight up, where it is absorbed by the strut, which minimizes frame fatigue. The rear struts are mounted in a more vertical position to allow better axial loading.
  • Neocon-filled struts deliver superior stability, control and isolation over struts filled with hydrogen/oil or silicone. Improved isolation means reduced impact loading on the structural members of the machine and greater operator comfort.
  • The four-pin planetary gear has been reduced in size and is lighter than previous designs. The unit runs at lower temperatures to extend lubricant life and, ultimately, the longevity of the gear itself.
  • The hydraulic hoist system uses two, three-stage double-acting cylinders. Hydraulically cushioned hoist cylinders slow body descent to a crawl over the last several inches of travel, minimizing wear and tear on components.
  • A separate reservoir and tandem-gear pump connects to a four-piston, electronic pilot-controlled hoist valve. An electronic hydraulic controller is mounted to the operator’s seat.
  • A closed-center hydrostatic power-steering system provides unparalleled control. Accumulators supplement steering power in accordance with J/ISO 5010 regulations. Steering components have been designed for easier maintenance and fewer lubrication points.
  • The Contronic II system minimizes downtime by monitoring and diagnosing all onboard systems, including the engine, Allison transmission and the electrical system. The optional Haultronic II load-weighing system can also integrate with Contronic II, improving productivity by reporting cycle time, distance and cycle count. Data links offer complete integration, while one multi-language LCD clearly details machine functions.
  • EH1700-3_cabA wraparound dashboard positions controls within easy reach. A full complement of easy-to-read gauges, the Contronic II monitoring system, six-way adjustable air seat, tilt/telescopic steering wheel, filtered ventilation, door locks, and a full-size trainer seat all contribute to operator safety and comfort.
  • EH1700-3_CABDouble-wall 11-gauge inner and outer steel panels produce a more structurally sound operator station. Foam-rubber lining absorbs sound and helps maintain interior temperature while keeping road noise outside where it belongs.
  • The Allison transmission is “remote-mounted” halfway between the engine and rear axle. This setup allows much simpler access and serviceability to the transmission, engine and rear axle. The remote-mounted transmission also eliminates cross-contamination of oil with other systems.
  • The transmission is filled with synthetic oil at the factory. A 4,000-hour change interval (depending on sampling) maximizes uptime and reduces operational costs.
  • EH1100-5_rear_brakesUptime is increased with the wet-disc rear brakes, engineered and built for long service life in tough environments. The brakes are continuously oil cooled, with a dual-circuit design for added safety. The wet-disc rear brakes now come with an integrated parking brake.
  • The transmission is upgraded to the Allison H6620A with Shift Energy Management (SEM) system. The SEM system reduces engine torque during transmission shifts, delivering longer drivetrain life and increased operator comfort.
Engine Manufacturer
Engine Model
QST 30
Number Of Cylinder
30.5 ltr
1861 Inches³
Rated Speed
2100 rpm
Engine Output - Gross
895 kW
1200 hp
Transmission Manufacturer
Front Suspension - Type
Trailing Arm
Rear Suspension - Type
Tyre Size
27.00 R49
Service Brake - Actuation
Parking Brake - Type
Dry disc
Retarder - Type
Service Brakes - Rear
Length - Overall
10540 mm
415 inches
Height - Max
5170 mm
203 inches
Width - Over Tyres
5490 mm
216 inches
Hoist - Type
Twin, 2-Stage
Power Down
Fuel Tank
1136 ltr
300 gallons (US)
Hydraulic System
448 ltr
118.2 gallons (US)
Struck Capacity
39.5 m³
51.7 yd³
Heaped Capacity
60.4 m³
79 yd³
Gears - Forward / Reverse
6F - 1R
Lowest Net Weight
68137 kg
150214 lbs
95200 kg
209879.8 lbs
Gross Weight
163300 kg
360008 lbs
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