Hitachi Construction Machinery - North America
Net Power
122 kW
164 hp
Swing Torque
74 606 Nm
54,857 lb. ft.
Drawbar Pull
22 634 kg
49,900 lb.
Isuzu AI-4HK1X
Tough machine for a tough job.

Although the ZX210F-3 is our smallest forester, it is certainly no weakling. From its tough, next-class-up swing and travel systems, to the strengthened, rugged upper-structure and heavy-duty undercarriage, you’ll feel confident taking on any woods.

Unlike retrofitted excavators patched together for logging use, Hitachi Foresters are built from the ground up in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility specifically for forestry work. The purpose-built processing front eliminates the need for boom-tip and hoist-cylinder adapters. With the ZX210F-3 in your fleet you can count on efficiency, reliability and durability.

  • The Isuzu EPA Tier 3-certified engine features a common-rail injection system that increases engine output while lowering fuel consumption.
  • zx240f3_guarding_packageHitachi foresters feature one of the most aggressive guarding packages available. It includes heavy-duty side and upper-deck panels supported with reinforced bulkheads, guards to protect the hydraulic-oil filler cap and exhaust stack, a heavy pump door with support bracket, sealed underdecking panels and a tough three-piece purpose-built engine enclosure.
  • Strong boom-tower arrangement, thick base plates, after-welding machining in critical areas and large-diameter swing bearings make the ZX210F-3 extremely durable.
  • Robust structures, next-size-up components, drive systems and heavy-duty track chains deliver efficiency and durability.
  • The ZX210F-3 comes standard with rock guards, belly pan, travel motor guards and log deflector.
  • New heavy-duty booms and arms are ready to take on all applications, whether it be building roads or processing or handling trees.
  • The ZX210F-3 has the same proven hydraulic systems found in Hitachi’s construction and mining excavators.
  • zx240f-3_monitorThe rugged, space-saving monitor is compact but easy to read.
  • The ZX210F-3 Forester represents the very best in productivity and efficiency, with highly refined, computer-chip-controlled engine/hydraulic performance.
  • The side-entry cab has integral vertical bars and polycarbonate windows, meeting all safety requirements for forestry applications while maximizing visibility.
  • zx240f-3_coolExternal screening, sealed cooler compartment and optional automatic-reversing fan help eliminate the downtime associated with cooling system cleaning.
  • zx240f-3_doorThree-piece heavy-duty engine enclosure, new under-house protection system, new hydraulic filter guard, muffler protection and heavier right rear door all work to keep the machine’s valuable components safe from damage.rough.
  • zx240f-3_handrailsSturdy, well-placed handrails and eruption plate are located to make access for routine service safe and easy.
  • Remote-mounted engine and hydraulic oil filters and dynamic test ports help make routine maintenance a breeze.
  • The cooling package is laid out side by side, with a swing-out AC condenser for easy servicing. And the standard 1048 liter (277-gallon) fuel tank allows for extended run times between fill-ups.
  • Integrated in the left-side guarding, the debris management system keeps materials and debris from entering the cooling-package area to enhance your total productivity. The improved design pulls the air entering the cooling system through fine screens – filtering out particles too large to pass through.
  • zx240f-3_CABThe durable cloth seat features a reclining back with adjustable armrests and headrest for extra comfort.
  • Depending on your application, the cab comes mounted on either a 178-mm (7-inch) fixed or 1219-mm (48-inch) hydraulically tilting riser. All models have optional rear-entry cabs with integral 1219- or 1828-mm (48- or 72-inch) risers.
  • An optional air-ride heated seat offers low-frequency suspension with automatic weight adjustment, variable-suspension damper, double-locking roller slide rails, seat-cushion extension and tilt and adjustable armrests.
  • Hitachi foresters are available as road builders, harvester/processors, live-heel log loaders, butt-n-top log loaders and stroke delimber carriers.
  • With a hydraulic system designed specifically for Waratah heads, Hitachi Forester processors deliver top-of-the-industry performance, productivity and uptime.
Engine Manufacturer
Engine Model
Emission Rating
Tier 3
5.1 ltr
317 Inches³
Engine Output - Net
122 kW
164 hp
Carrier Rollers - Each Side
Track Rollers - Each Side
Track Shoe Width
700 mm
27.5 inches
Overall Length
9860 mm
32 ft 4 in ft/in
Transport Height
3680 mm
12 ft 1 in ft/in
Overall Width
3360 mm
11 ft ft/in
Overall Track Length
4450 mm
14 ft 7 in ft/in
Track Length On Ground
3660 mm
12 ft ft/in
Tailswing Radius
3100 mm
10 ft 2 in ft/in
Ground Clearance
660 mm
2 ft 2 in ft/in
Width Over Tracks
3330 mm
10 ft 11 in ft/in
Track gauge
2620 mm
8 ft 7 in ft/in
Fuel Tank
1049 ltr
277.1 gallons (US)
Hydraulic Tank
136 ltr
35.9 gallons (US)
Slew Torque
74.6 kNm
55022 lbf / ft
Travel Speed
5.1 kph
3.1 mph
Drawbar Pull
222 kN
49907.5 lbf
Lift capacity at max reach
4805 kg
10593.1 @ 7.6m lbs
Pump Type
Axial Piston x 2
Pump Flow
414 lt/min
109.3 gallons (US) / min
Relief Pressure
34300 kPa
4974.7 PSI
Operating Weight
26660 kg
58775.1 lbs
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